Why we decided to switch to 99% bamboo

Posted by Elizabeth B. on 8th Oct 2021

Why we decided to switch to 99% bamboo

We all know plastic isn’t perfect — after all, it’s been etched into our brains for years to reduce, reuse and recycle those pesky single-use materials. But while this mantra has been echoed and repeated through and through, the planet is still drowning in these manmade materials that will outlive all of us. According to Plastic Oceans, more than 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year — that’s as heavy as 45 Great Pyramids of Giza.

So what do we do? We create solutions. Here at Wild Cloud, we have taken one of plastic’s biggest culprits — jewelry, accessories and home decor — and found a sustainable solution. We create artistic, 99% bamboo pieces that can help you become plastic free while still embracing your creative spirit. By seeking out these sustainable alternatives, you can use your purchasing power to contribute to something better for our planet. We can’t undo the waste we’ve already got, but we certainly can move towards a no plastic future.

Now that you know the piece on plastic, you might be wondering: but why bamboo? It’s an easy answer for us, because bamboo is just... better. Bamboo is a renewable resource and easily compostable — something that plastics simply can’t compete against. Bamboo, on average, can take a few months to a few years to fully compost, meanwhile plastics can take up to 1,000 years.

And don’t even get us started on the differences in air quality. Bamboo is much better for the earth, and has been shown to absorb up to 30% CO2 than trees. Meanwhile plastics are manufactured and produced in factories, which run on oil, and that oil is processed, extracted and refined through copious amounts of labor and energy usage. And all that energy usage, which also typically is run by oil, simply compounds upon the overall damaging effects of plastic use and production. We don’t know about you, but the choice is pretty clear: bamboo is the most sustainable source for our ornaments, earrings and accessories.

The Wild Cloud collection is full of everyday items like earrings, keychains, pins and wall hangings. They’re great for those that prefer making eco-friendly purchases when it comes to decor and fashion, but are also a great way to introduce plastic alternatives to friends and family. To further promote our environmentally-friendly practices, we offer higher discounts on products as you add more and more to your cart — making it easier for you to save some cash while stocking up, and easier on the earth because we’re minimizing repeat shipments.

While we are committed to creating sustainable products, we are also diligent in providing only the most eco-friendly business operations as well. As a zero waste online store, we not only create and cultivate environmentally friendly products, but we also use our connections to create a lasting impact through our plant a tree donation program. With every purchase through Wild Cloud, our partners at Trees for the Future will plant a tree and train farmers with techniques to sustainably revitalize our planet.

The opportunity for a sustainable solution is out there — so why wouldn’t we make the switch now? We don’t have to rely on harmful plastics that pollute our planet through our future, our children’s futures and their children’s futures. By transforming your reliance on plastics into a purposeful purchase of sustainable everyday products, you are contributing to building a future without the endless cycle of mass production and environmental pollution.  

Photo by J Lee on Unsplash