• coral dangle earrings bamboo coral handmade earrings

    Coral Wood Earrings | Manihi


    Our Manihi Coral Earrings will compliment beautifully your outfit. Despite their size, they are confortable and lightweight. They can be worn during long hours without your ears starting to itch, even when you have sensitive ears! Once you wear our...

  • seashell dangle earrings wood iconic shell wood earrings

    Seashell Iconic Dangle Earrings | Moorea


    Moorea is one of the most magnificient islands in French Polynesia. Our delicatly crafted Seashell earrings are an ode to the immaculate beauty of the Southern Pacific Islands. - As part of our regenerative mission, one tree is planted for every product...

  • starfish dangle earrings starfish bamboo earrings lightweight

    Starfish Wooden Dangle Earrings | Moana


    Moana means “deep sea” or “ocean” in Hawaiian. Our Starfish dangle earrings aim to combine the beauty of the sun and ocean in one unique design. - Hypoallergenic titanium studs, suitable for sensitive ears. - Part of our new...

  • tropical flower hibiscus earrings dangle bamboo hawaii hibiscus dangle earrings

    Small Hibiscus Flower Dangle Earrings | Maui


    Our Maui earrings are a smaller version of our Mahalo ones. A perfect mix between modern & timeless jewelry. - All of our dangle earrings are lightweight & comfortable, and can easily be worn all day, even for sensitive ears. - High Quality -...

  • hibiscus flower drop earrings large hibiscus dangle earrings

    Large Hibiscus Bamboo Dangle Earrings | Mahalo


    Our Mahalo, Large Hibiscus Flower earrings, are a mix of modern and timeless statement jewelry. All of our dangles are very lightweight and comfortable, they can easily be worn all day. - Great for sensitive ears, 100% hypoallergenic titanium studs -...

  • mini angel fish earrings tiny fish studs

    Angel Fish Bamboo Earrings


    Looking for a gift for a diver friend? Look no further, our mini Angel fish wood earrings will remind them of their great ocean adventures. - Hypoallergenic , 100% titanium studs - Handmade in San Diego, California - As part of our reforestation mission,...

  • sea snail shell studs sea snail earrings

    Sea Snail Tiny Studs


    Our small Shell earrings are handmade in San Diego, CA out of sustainable bamboo. -Super comfortable and lightweight studs - Hypoallergenic titanium studs - We are on a reforestation mission = 1 tree is planted per earring sold! * They do not go in the...

  • mini chili peppers studs tiny chili earrings

    Tiny Chili Pepper Earrings


    Our mini bamboo Chili studs are so darn cute and fun! Bring on some heat to your everyday outfit. - Made in San Diego, CA - Suitable for sensitive ears: Hypoallergenic titanium posts - 1 product sold = 1 tree planted * They do not go in the ocean, pool...

  • sea shell bamboo earrings mini sea shell studs bamboo

    Mini Sea Shell Bamboo Earrings


    Our delicate Shell earrings are perfect to make a statement and compliment any outfit. The best part is how comfortable and lightweight they are. - Hypoallergenic titanium studs - One tree is planted per product sold! * They do not go in the ocean, pool...

  • wood starfish earrings starfish mini earrings

    Starfish Wood Earrings


    These wooden Starfish earrings come as a pair or in a set of 4 shells & marine life set. And what's more? A tree is planted for every pair you buy. - Made from sustainably sourced bamboo - Hypoallergenic titanium post with butterfly back - SoCal...

  • hibiscus flower studs hibiscus studs

    Hibiscus Flower Wood Studs


    Our Hibiscus mini earrings are a fun tropical accent, which perfect for everyday wear. Adorable & subtle detailing make them unique and delicate. 1 tree is planted for every product sold Bamboo & Hypoallergenic titanium post with butterfly...

  • penguin wood earrings tiny penguin earrings

    Mini Penguin Earrings


    These tiny penguin bamboo studs would be perfect for an animal lover. Bonus, we will plant 1 tree with every product sold! Made from wood, sustainably sourced bamboo. Our hypoallergenic titanium studs are perfect for sensitive ears. * They do not go in...

  • blue whale stud earrings mini whale earrings

    Whale Wood Studs


    Humpback whales are fascinating marine creatures. Our Bamboo earrings are an ode to them. - Sustainable Bamboo Material, handmade responsibly in San Diego, CA - 100% Hypoallergenic Titanium Posts - 1 tree is planted for every product sold! * They do not...

  • orcas mini studs mini orcas studs

    Orcas Mini Bamboo Earrings


    If you love magnificent marine creatures, like Orcas, you will love our earrings! - Made responsibly in Southern California - Sustainable Bamboo - 100% Titanium Posts - A tree is planted for every product sold * They do not go in the ocean, pool or...

  • turtle studs wood mini sea turtle studs

    Sea Turtle Wood Studs


    These mini sea turtle earrings bring a little happiness into your life! They would be a good gift to an environmentally conscious friend and a diver to remind them of their ocean explorations. - One Tree planted for every product sold - Made from...

  • turtle and shell 4 pack earrings turtle studs

    Turtle and Shells Earrings Set


    When you cannot pick a pair, try our sea life earrings set. They are also a great reminder that we only have one planet and we need to take care of our oceans & sea life. 4 mix and match earrings: 3 shells & 1 sea turtle. * They do not go in the...

  • cactus mountain sun rainbow earrings nature themed earring 4 pack

    Mix & Match - Create Your Own Set


    Create your perfect earring set!  Pick 4 earrings that are made from natural bamboo and are eco-friendly. The unique cut and organic shape of these pieces of sustainable jewelry make you stand out in any outfit.  Choose from this...