Mix & Match - Create Your Own Set

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Create your perfect earring set! 

Pick 4 earrings that are made from natural bamboo and are eco-friendly. The unique cut and organic shape of these pieces of sustainable jewelry make you stand out in any outfit. 

Choose from this list:

  • Cactus,
  • Alien,
  • Simple Circle,
  • Daisy,
  • Heart,
  • Monstera,
  • Moon,
  • Mountain,
  • Mushroom,
  • Pan,
  • Peace Sign,
  • Peace Hand,
  • Planet Earth,
  • Rainbow,
  • Saturn,
  • Star,
  • Sun,
  • Sunflower,
  • Triangle,
  • Tropical,
  • Van

- Lightweight, every day mini studs.

- Made from sustainably sourced bamboo in San Diego,CA

- Hypoallergenic titanium post with butterfly backing. Suitable for very sensitive ears

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