• u shape lightweight earrings bamboo wood Arch minimalist earrings

    Arch Statement Earrings | Gaia


    Our Gaia Arch Dangle Earrings are the definition of balance and natural artistic detail. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life. - Titanium post with butterfly backing. Very lightweight and suitable for everyday wear. - Made with no plastic. - One tree...

  • celestial statement earring studs celestial statement earring studs

    Celestial Statement Bamboo Earrings | Galaxy


    Design inspired by the sun and the moon, the moon rise in a clear night sky. Our Galaxy Statement Bamboo Earrings add a delicate, celestial touch to your favorite outfit. Treat yourself with jewelry that looks fabulous and good for the earth! Indeed, we...

  • everyday hoop earrings Simple double hoop wood earrings

    Everyday Hoops Earrings | 3 Styles | Jade


    Our Circle Statement bamboo earrings are large, handcrafted hoops that command attention. These lovely pieces of sustainable jewelry are durable, light and fitting for all occasions and outfits. They are beautiful and bold circles, yet with a delicate...

  • art deco inspired earrings minimalist earrings bamboo

    Art Deco Inspired Earrings | Heidy


    These beautiful pieces of sustainable jewelry come in two styles: with or without fringes. The bamboo tells the silent story about every woman's culture and heritage. These statement earrings speak of the woman's strength and ability to evolve like the...

  • half rainbow dangle earrings minimalist rainbow earrings

    Half Rainbow Earrings | Heather


    Simply sustainable rainbow half moon dangle earrings. These earrings are eco-friendly and stylish. Featuring a circular study with a minimalist dangling half-circle with delicate rainbow lines, these earrings make the perfect gift for a fashion-forward...

  • kaloha hoops earrings everyday detailed hoops lightweight

    Statement Dangle Earrings | Kaloha


    Our Kaloha earrings are perfect to make a statement but are also very comfortable and lightweight - Hypoallergenic titanium studs - Maxi circle rainbow earrings - One tree is planted per product sold!

  • maxi u shape earrings big dangle u shape earrings

    U-Shape Maxi Statement Earrings | Ivy


    With these Ivy wood statement earrings that are handmade from bamboo, you can express your natural, minimalist lifestyle. These rainbow-shaped dangle earrings are daring, unique, zero-waste and eco-friendly. Our Ivy Statement bamboo studs are sustainable...

  • heart bamboo earrings small dainty heart earrings

    Small Hearts Studs


    These small heart earrings are made out of bamboo, the most sustainable material on the planet. Shaped into small dainty studs, these are the perfect eco-friendly loving gift. And, with each product purchased, we will plant a tree! - Earrings made from...

  • peace love earrings peace love sign earrings

    Peace and Love Sign Stud Earrings


    Handmade from bamboo, our zero-waste peace and love earrings are eco-friendly and will compliment all outfit choices, attesting to your value for what really matters. A tree is planted for every pair you buy. - Made from sustainably sourced bamboo -...

  • 4 Lines Minimalist Studs

    4 Lines Minimalist Studs


    Our Geometric 4 Lines Earrings are minimalist, neutral and have subtle detailing, which perfect for everyday wear.  - One tree is planted for every product sold - Lasercut Bamboo - Hypoallergenic titanium post with butterfly backing - Size 8 mm...