• earth wood earrings world map wood stud earrings

    Planet Earth Earrings


    These bamboo World Map Earrings are a great reminder that we have only one planet and we can choose to heal it, not destroy it by our disrespectful behaviors. Earth day is every day! Intricate engraving of the world on delicate wood studs. Our Earth...

  • half rainbow dangle earrings minimalist rainbow earrings

    Half Rainbow Earrings | Heather


    Simply sustainable rainbow half moon dangle earrings. These earrings are eco-friendly and stylish. Featuring a circular study with a minimalist dangling half-circle with delicate rainbow lines, these earrings make the perfect gift for a fashion-forward...

  • large flower earrings delicate sunflower earrings handmade

    Large Sunflower Cut-Out Dangle | Leanore


    Our Leanore Cut Out Sunflower Earrings will compliment your outfit. Despite their size, they are extremely lightweight and can be worn during long hours without your ears starting to itch. Once you wear our bamboo dangles, you won't go back to heavier...

  • lightweight sunflower dangle earrings mini sunflower dangle earrings

    Sunflower Dangle Earrings | Lilo


    Our Lilo, mini sunflower dangle are very delicate and also very comfortable and lightweight - Hypoallergenic titanium studs, suitable for sensitive ears - Mini flower dangle earrings - One tree is planted per product sold!

  • daisy dangle earrings mini daisy earrings dangles

    Mini Daisy Dangle Earrings | Lani


    Our Daisy Dangle earrings, Lani, will make a statement to your outfit but are also very comfortable and lightweight. You can wear them for long hours without having a scratchy ear! 2 options to choose from. flower top or circle top. - Hypoallergenic...

  • monstera dangle handmade earrings tropical monstera earrings

    Monstera Statement Earrings | Kamea


    Our Monstera Kamea earrings are perfect for plant lovers and are also very comfortable and lightweight, despite their size. You can wear them all day, every day! - Hypoallergenic titanium studs - Maxi circle rainbow earrings - One tree is planted per...

  • kaloha hoops earrings everyday detailed hoops lightweight

    Statement Dangle Earrings | Kaloha


    Our Kaloha earrings are perfect to make a statement but are also very comfortable and lightweight - Hypoallergenic titanium studs - Maxi circle rainbow earrings - One tree is planted per product sold!

  • rainbow dangle earrings Rainbow Geometric Dangle Earrings

    Rainbow Dangle Earrings | Hope


    Show your optimism for a sustainable future with our Hope bamboo dangle earrings. Featuring a round stud with a hanging rainbow, these simple but powerful earrings are the perfect gift for your environmentally conscious friends. As an added bonus, with...

  • Green  Tassel Earring Studs, bamboo earrings dark orange fringe earring

    Circle Tassel Earrings | Indya


    Our circles and fringes wood studs are crafted with a bold but natural look. Bring on the Tassels! Our gorgeous bamboo earrings that are customizable to your personality. Choose between 9 beautiful colors fringes to create earrings that are meaningful...

  • cactus mountain studs set Mini mountain wood earrings

    Mountain + Cactus Earrings


    These mini Cactus and Mountain bamboo earring set make for an easy choice of simple, everyday earrings. They will remind you of the beautiful landscape in the desert. Bonus: you get a tree planted with each pair you buy. - Crafted in San Diego, CA from...

  • mini alien earrings mini alien earrings

    Alien Earring Studs


    Our super small and fun Alien earrings are perfect unisex studs. You can wear them everyday as they are hypoallergenic titanium and super lightweight. - Made from bamboo in San Diego, CA - Size: roughtly 1/4" diameter 

  • mini alien and Saturn studs tiny saturn earrings

    Alien + Saturn Earring Studs


    This duo Alien + Saturn earrings are fun unisex studs. These bamboo earrings make for an easy choice of everyday earrings, to showcase how out-there or out-here you are :)  Bonus: you get a tree planted with each pair you buy. - Made from...

  • Saturn wood earrings mini saturn planet studs

    Saturn Earring Studs


    These small Saturn stud earrings are minimalist unisex earrings. Simple and functional with no plastic, these bamboo earrings make for an easy choice of everyday earrings, and you get a tree planted with each pair you buy. - Made from sustainably sourced...

  • heart bamboo earrings small dainty heart earrings

    Small Hearts Studs


    These small heart earrings are made out of bamboo, the most sustainable material on the planet. Shaped into small dainty studs, these are the perfect eco-friendly loving gift. And, with each product purchased, we will plant a tree! - Earrings made from...

  • celestial moon stud earrings simple moon wood earrings

    Moon Earring Studs


    Everyday mini moon studs. These celestial earrings are crafted out of the most renewable and sustainable material on the planet: bamboo. Understated and stylish, suitable for every day wear, you won't need to choose between eco-friendliness and style...

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    peace love earrings peace love sign earrings

    Peace and Love Sign Stud Earrings

    Was: $22.00

    Handmade from bamboo, our zero-waste peace and love earrings are eco-friendly and will compliment all outfit choices, attesting to your value for what really matters. A tree is planted for every pair you buy. - Made from sustainably sourced bamboo -...

  • palm tree campervan mix matched earring set vw van wood earrings

    Campervan + Palm Tree Earrings


    These mini mismatched VW Van and Palm Tree stud earrings bring a little fun into your look! They make the perfect present to an environmentally conscious or traveler friend, for any occasion. - Lasercut Earrings made from sustainably sourced bamboo -...

  • bamboo palm tree earrings handmade palm tree wood earrings

    Palm Tree Stud Earrings


    Adorable subtle palm tree studs add a beachy and tropical vibes to any outfit. The perfect bamboo accessory for a sustainable and stylish mini-statement! - Made from sustainably sourced bamboo. - Lasercut. Made with zero plastic. - Titanium post with...

  • vw van life earrings jewelry handmade mini campervan wood earring studs

    VW Campervan Bamboo Stud Earrings


    These mini VW Van stud earrings bring a little joy into your life! They would be a great gift to an environmentally conscious friend and a traveler to remind them of their adventures. Or to any VW van fan! We will plant a tree with every product...

  • 4 Lines Minimalist Studs

    4 Lines Minimalist Studs


    Our Geometric 4 Lines Earrings are minimalist, neutral and have subtle detailing, which perfect for everyday wear.  - One tree is planted for every product sold - Lasercut Bamboo - Hypoallergenic titanium post with butterfly backing - Size 8 mm...