Why bamboo can save the planet?

Why bamboo can save the planet?

Let's talk bamboo!

We've been obsessed with bamboo for some time now, and we really think you should be too. We all know bamboo looks great and makes us all feel serene and at peace, but did you know that it's possibly the most sustainable plant on our whole planet? It's true - bamboo is fantastic for our Earth, which is why we made our new collection 99% bamboo, completely free of plastic, and totally compostable when the small metal parts are removed, repurposed, or reused.

In our opinion, bamboo is a MAGICAL plant! The following eight facts are just a few of the reasons why we feel that way.

1. Bamboo is insanely fast growing! Some species of bamboo can grow 4 FEET a day! That's means we can harvest it way faster than timber that takes... 30 years to get to maturity. Bamboo's maturity is about 4 years. Way faster therefore more renewable than cutting forests!

2. Bamboo creates more oxygen than trees! In fact, bamboo absorbs far more greenhouse gases and released 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees.

3. It has some serious roots! Bamboo’s fantastic root system is used in many parts of the world to help control soil erosion and revitalize deserted lands.

4. Bamboo is an incredible renewable resource! Those incredible roots we just mentioned? They produce shoots even after bamboo has been cut! This means that you can continually harvest from the same bamboo plant. No need to plant bamboo year after year. You planted it once and maintain it by cutting 25% of a clump and it grows... forever.

5. Bamboo is hardy. It can grow naturally in all sorts of different climates all over the world! From temperate (for example Japan) to tropical climates, you can find it everywhere all over the world.

6. It’s anti-bacterial ( that's why you find lots of bamboo toothbrushes)! Bamboo contains a natural bio-agent called Bamboo Kun, which is naturally antibacterial. It may not prevent any pandemics, but it’s sure cleaner than any other similar material!

7. It is a deforestation free fiber. Instead of cutting forests and trees for paper, furniture, toilet paper and wood goods, choosing bamboo is the most sustainable and renewable solution. If you are tired of a bamboo product, you can compost it, it creates no waste compared to plastic for example, which is our favorite bamboo advantages.

8. It requires far less water than trees and doesn't need as much pesticide to grow thanks to Bamboo Kun.

You don't need to just trust us! We've also compiled a list of fascinating videos about bamboo, in case you're just as hooked on this topic as we are!

Bamboo Videos:

  • Bamboo in Architecture : TED Talks

...And if your thirst for bamboo knowledge is only just beginning, a great book to learn more about bamboo is Booming Bamboo by Pablo van der Lugt.

We are truly passionate about this incredible plant (as you can surely tell), and we're on a mission to make it as widespread as possible. Our goal is to spread sustainability, and we think bamboo is the way to do it. With bamboo, we could reduce plastic waste, by far our biggest goal!

If you have some bamboo facts that we haven't covered, please comment below and help us learn more about this magical plant!

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Photo by Minh Trí on Unsplash