Our mission is simple - make the world a better place one gift at a time. We achieve this through our partnership with charities such as Trees for the Future and use of the magic of bamboo. Most importantly, we achieve it through the support and generosity of wonderful customers.




Affordable prices for everyone - sustainability should be inclusive.

Regenerative, eco-friendly & ethically made in San Diego, CA

Maximizing Positive Impact on people and the planet, empowering communities everywhere.

Goods That Are Built to Last - high quality, practically unbreakable goods with a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty.

Zero-Waste - “plastic-free”, “compostable”, “reusable”, and “recyclable” are our four favorite terms - you’ll be seeing them on the description of every piece we make.

Exploitation-Free - The Earth is not the only victim of mass consumerism. We are committed to creating our goods with efficient, local methods that don’t exploit other human beings. Once a design is ready, we send it to a laser cutter in California who uses efficient means to cut and engrave our bamboo pieces. Every other part of the process is completed in-house for fair wages by our San Diego team.

Responsibility - We aren’t here to create useless waste. We are low-waste and 100% plastic-free.


How did Wild Cloud started: The Story of Our Founder
Having grown up in a household that valued minimalism and waste reduction, Victoria Britton has always been an environmentally-conscious person - but it wasn’t until her time at architectural college that she began to realize the full impact of our actions on the world. She learned of the negative impacts of construction on our Earth’s health, which are vast and seemingly unstoppable, and once she had obtained this knowledge, she knew she could no longer stand idly by while the world progressed toward destruction. 
In 2016, Victoria decided to combine her love of art and creation with her commitment to the environment by starting a sustainable business - Wild Cloud. She remembered what she’d learned in college about the many uses of bamboo - one of the most environmentally-friendly materials in the world - and set out to start a bamboo-centric accessory and gift brand that allowed people all across the country to indulge a little without having to compromise their environmental ethics. Along with beautiful, timeless pieces, Victoria wanted to make a difference. She committed to taking real, tangible steps to aid in environmental and charitable work with each sale, partnering with charities such as Trees for the Future. With Victoria’s vision and drive to make a difference, we now have the sustainable, elegant, and impactful brand you see today.