We’ve partnered with the incredible charity Trees for the Future to make a real, tangible difference in the world. With their help, each Wild Cloud accessory or gift purchase will be followed by the planting of a tree. But the work doesn’t end there. “Trees for the Future” aims to do much more than simply reforest our Earth (although that alone is spectacular). This charity works with farmers in impoverished regions to train them how to regenerate degraded land and grow nutritious food sources. We hope that our partnership with “Trees for the Future” will lead to growth, nourishment, and happiness around the world. 



 Our passion is bamboo, as you’ve surely noticed. But we have good reason to be excited - bamboo can play a huge role in healing the planet. Right now, 80% of bamboo (including ours) comes from China. While there are a few bamboo farms scattered across the United States, there are no bamboo factories. This means if we want to use bamboo in all the sustainable ways we should - paper, fabric, plywood, etc. - that bamboo has to be shipped from here to China and then back to us. This is obviously the kind of massively carbon-emitting journey we’d like to avoid. That’s why we make such a big deal out of bringing awareness to our favorite plant - with more awareness, more bamboo farms will be set up within the United States. More bamboo farms means less water consumption, cleaner air, and a brighter future.

But the United States is not the only place that could benefit from a big heaping serving of bamboo growth - not even close! Our other big goal is to bring bamboo farming to the dry climates of Central and South America and other parts of the world, where farmers struggling to grow water-consuming crops could use bamboo as a sustainable means of supporting themselves and their families. This is a solution for more than just dry climates - bamboo can grow almost anywhere. This means that land that has been degraded over time due to monoculture (corn, soy, etc) or climate change could be rejuvenated with bamboo. Our long-term goal is to use bamboo to create lasting job opportunities and community empowerment in communities around the world that have been affected by dry climates or land degradation. 


These might seem like some pretty lofty goals, but we here at Wild Cloud believe that everyday choices can change the world. Our choice to make goods out of bamboo along with your choice to support us is bringing us closer to these goals every single day. From the bottoms of our hearts, we want to thank you for supporting our small business with big dreams.